03.07.2007: version 1.0.0beta2

Second beta. A very few changes:

Items linking is not functional yet, but it will be in the next beta release.

23.04.2007: version 1.0.0beta1

The first beta is available. Still beta because of out-of-date translation, it is same kamix 0.6.6 codebase, plus some fixes:

Enjoy it!

19.04.2007: kalsamix project started

kalsamix is born!

Some years ago, I decided to write a mixer for KDE, basically because there wasn't any fullfilling my needs: kmix at the times (2004) was not fully integrated with ALSA, and that has been my motivation: write the equivalent of alsamixer for KDE, without any mid-layer being it aRts, jackd or anything. So I created kamix.

My fault, I didn't notice that that name was already in use (by SuSE's mixer), thus creating a silly name clash.

Now, since kamix has proven to be quite stable an quite used, I decided it was the time to rename the project. Last release of kamix has been 0.6.6, released April 19th; kalsamix will start from 1.0.0.